Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does this card work?
  2. How does the card work?
  3. Do I have to wear the card?
  4. What should I do if it doesn’t work?
  5. Am I allowed to buy this?
  6. Do I need an account to make a purchase?
  7. Can I buy a card if I don't live in America?
  8. Can I get a discount for...?


Q: Does this card work? ^top

A: Yes, it most certainly does. The effectiveness can vary from state to state and city to city. Our location is in Ohio and in the Dayton/Springfield vicinities. Our staff members wear these cards while out and report a nearly 100% success rate.


Q: How does the card work? ^top

A: The card is simply reciting already existing laws in place which protect American’s With Disabilities from being forced to do something that would be hazardous to their health. For example, you would not tell somebody in a wheelchair they can’t come in unless they can walk to a table. Or tell somebody with an Oxygen tank they have to leave that outside to shop inside. Most people simply are not aware of the laws in place that already protect your rights!


Q: Do I have to wear the card? ^top

A: No, however, it is strongly recommended you do so. This is because many businesses will expect some level of compliance with the “mask recommendation” by wearing a card instead you have acknowledged the recommendation but also made it clear it may be hazardous to your mental or physical health.


Q: What should I do if it doesn’t work? ^top

A: Locally and our customers report a nearly 100% acceptance rate. It is possible that some businesses with certain misinformed managers or owners may not accept the card. It is the law however that they must make “reasonable alternatives” available to you. For example, asking you to use the drive-thru or curbside pickup. If they do not they are breaking the law. We highly recommend not being confrontational as those actions will justify them refusing your business. Instead, if you feel inclined ask for the manager or owner; if not available ask for a number to call in which to speak to them. Inform the manager/owner that you have a medical condition and to not cause conflict with other customers you wear your exemption card around your neck while in their establishment.


Q: Am I allowed to buy this? ^top

A: The card is intended for those with physical or mental conditions in which makes wearing a face mask dangerous to one’s health. Factual information exists that states continued use of face coverings may lower a person’s blood oxygen levels to unsafe values, among a slew of other issues that can result from wearing them. That said, we are not doctors nor are we giving you medical advice. We do not require you to verify your medical condition as many times customers will buy cards for those who do.


Q: Do I need an account to make a purchase? ^top

A: No, you may purchase as a guest. However, we will still need to collect enough information to process your shipment and payment. If you choose to purchase as a guest, you will not have access to certain account functions like tracking information. If you choose to make an account know that we will NEVER share your personal information with any person or party not involved with the sale. The reasons that we may have to share some of your personal information are to deliver the product or to authorize the purchase. You will never receive any contact from us unless it is in direct response to an order you have placed or a question you have asked. Please review our privacy polices for more information


Q: Can I buy a card if I don't live in America? ^top

A: No, currently we are only able to serve customers with both a Billing and Shipping Address in the United States of America. If you would like to make special arrangments you may contact us via phone or email to discuss further.


Q: Can I get a discount for...? ^top

A: We currently offer discount or promotion codes for specific podcast, or individuals who promote or use our cards. If you like to become a sponser please reach out to us. If you are interested in purchasing these cards in bulk for Tradeshows, Events, or would like specific branded versions of this card please reach out to us to review bulk pricing via the phone number or email provided on our contact's page.

Medical Card With Lanyard Green
Medical Card With Lanyard Green

I am extremely happy with this card. I purchased one green a...